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Santa in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

December 16th, 2014 No Comments

imageChristmas is a great time of year, more so for young children. I get quite annoyed when I hear do-gooders ranting on about how it is terrible to perpetuate the lie about Santa, is there really anything wrong about conjouring a wonderful magical memory for children to grow up with? If you like me, love to get kids excited about the forthcoming festivities then there is some great news, on Christmas Eve you can take them outside and they can see the big fella flying over, right there in the sky. How excited are they goning be to see him flying over for themselves (although I suspect it will make it even harder to get your little ones to bed after seeing it)? Read more »

Companies…..I Need You!

November 26th, 2014 No Comments

IMG_3423No stranger to public speaking, Mark is embarking on perhaps the most ambitious live science show ever undertaken.

In October 2015 Mark will be presenting his 24 Hour Space Spectacular at the Royal Institution in London! The event, which is being arranged in aid of Marie Curie will take audiences on an ambitious and fascinating journey around the entire Universe in the time it takes the Earth to spin once on its axis. Read more »

Mark’s Remote Observatory-II (MRO-II)

October 9th, 2014 No Comments

You may well recall the Mars Renaissance Orbiter which is studying the red planet. Well MRO-II is not entirely related to the NASA mission that cost $720 million and I hope at least, that it will come in a little cheaper. MRO-II is a slightly less ambitious project to setup my telescope system at a remote location, about 20 kilometres away from my home. As the project proceeds I will be posting updates right here, warts and all. You can join in with my successes and commiserate with the inevitable mistakes and frustrations along the way. Keep checking back for updates.

Magic Island Baffles Astronomers

June 23rd, 2014 No Comments

Image courtesy of NASA showing where 'magic island' appeared and disappeared

Image courtesy of NASA showing where ‘magic island’ appeared and disappeared

This is exactly why I love astronomy, it is always surprsing me. Just when you think nothing can surprise you anymore… wallop, an island on a moon of Saturn simply appears and then vanishes again just as quickly! Read more »

Join me for a Weekend of Stargazing

February 10th, 2014 2 Comments


I am very excited to be able to release details of this year’s stargazing weekends at the beautiful and wonderfully dark Kelling Heath Holiday Park in North Norfolk. You can choose from two weekends; 7th March for a weekend of ‘Planetary Discovery’ or 17th October for ‘Deep Space’ Read more »

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