Mark has now written nine books and among them books for kids, the general public and amateur astronomers. His books are popular and he is now in discussions about his tenth book.

101 Facts you Didn't Know About Space

Stargazing with Mark Thompson

Did you know a compost heap generates as much energy as the Sun? Or that dung beetles use the Milky Way to navigate? Maybe you have not been into space but if you have then you will know that astronauts have feet as soft as babies! 101 Space Facts You Didn’t Know takes you on a wild journey around the Universe bringing you facts galore. Whether you are a space enthusiast or a newcomer you will find plenty of facts in here to keep you amused and entertained.

Philip’s Stargazing With Mark Thompson provides the perfect introduction to the fascinating hobby of astronomy for beginners, written by TV’s favourite astronomer. With 30 years’ experience in observational astronomy and helping hundreds of newcomers get started in their new hobby, Mark Thompson takes everything he has learned and leads his readers skilfully through their early stargazing experiences in this book. He provides a wealth of knowledge, with valuable hints and tips to aid beginners in their first steps in astronomy.

Astrophotography with Mark Thompson

A Down to Earth Guide to the Cosmos

Astrophotography With Mark Thompson is an essential guide for anyone wishing to photograph the stars and planets, written by TV’s favourite astronomer. With the development of digital cameras capturing great astronomical images is now within the reach of even the most novice stargazer. This book takes the reader on a journey through the world of capturing astronomical images from using the humble mobile phone to specialist cameras, brought to life with Mark’s personal experiences and many of his own astronomical images.

Mark’s book “A Down to Earth Guide to the Cosmos” is popular among those who wish to learn about the Universe and how to find their way around it. Learning about the Universe requires two distinct areas of focus: understanding the physical nature of the processes and objects amongst the stars and the ability to find objects and navigate around the sky. Mark Thompson’s book combines these two areas in a unique and engaging way, taking the reader in just twelve chapters on the same journey that has taken mankind thousands of years.

A Space Traveller's Guide to the Solar System

Science for Rocketing into Space

Have you ever dreamt of being an astronaut, travelling through the universe on your very own space mission? What would it be like to tour the Solar System, what would you see, and how would you feel? What would you eat? How would you navigate and produce fuel? On this epic voyage of discovery, astronomer Mark Thompson takes you on that journey. From how to prepare for take-off and the experience of leaving Earth’s atmosphere, to the reality of living in the confines of a spaceship and the strange sensation of weightlessness, this is an adventure like no other. Suit up, strap in and enjoy the ride.

Imagine building a rocket and blasting off into space! To really do that you’ll need to apply a fair bit of science. In this kids activity book (which is one of a series of four) there are fun activities that help the reader to understand how rockets work. There are twelve scientific investigations to help you understand why gravity matters, and how to power a rocket and land safely back on Earth. Discover why rockets are rocket-shaped and what happens when you create a chemical reaction – and lots, lots more!