The Sky Where You Are

Use our application to get a Sky Chart to show the Sky Where You Are.


First we need to know your location so you can either select it from our list of UK or World cities. Alternatively you can find your location on our map or enter latitude and longitude directly.

When entering latitude be sure to enter it in decimal degrees and if in the southern hemisphere, prefix it with a minus sign for example 25°38′ South would need to be entered as -25.63

When entering longitude you must also enter it in decimal degrees and locations west of the Greenwich Meridian must have a minus sign prefix for example 38°20′ West would be entered as -38.33


We then need to know the time of day you would like your chart produced for. You can either enter details manually or select ‘Use Local Date and Time’ and it will fill in the fields for you. Be sure to select the correct timezone for accurate an accurate chart.

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