Mark’s Online Channel

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Mark’s enthusiasm for the world of science and technology is captured in his YouTube channel “Awesome Science and Technology with Mark Thompson”. On the channel you will find videos covering his favourite subject of astronomy along with other scientific chunks of awesomeness through to his passion for gadgets and technology.

Latest Video

In episode number twelve Mark shows us the best slime making recipe.

Previous videos

Checkout Mark’s guide to what to lookout for in the UK sky during February 2018

Episode Eleven: Mark shows how to observe meteors using a car radio.

Episode Ten: Mark explains the truth behind supermoons.

Episode Nine: Mark explains why the Sun and Moon often loo red.

Episode Eight: Mark braves sub-zero temperatures and plays with boiling water! Featuring Helen Fospero

Episode Seven: Mark shows how to supercool water and do something real cool!

Episode Six: Mark reveals what he believes is the truth behind the Star of Bethlehem.

Episode Five: Mark shows how much energy is locked up inside a Jelly Baby with an incredible experiment.

Episode Four: Mark explains where the noctillucent clouds come from and that they are NOT related to global warming!

Episode Three: Following lots of media hype around the blue moon and Mars putting on an epic show in the night sky, Mark debunks the hype.

Episode Two: Having shown in his previous video that observing the Sun is dangerous, Mark shows that there are safe ways to observe our nearest star.

Episode One: Mark reveals the dangers of observing the Sun through telescopes using a pig’s eye! Not for the squeamish. This video went viral in May 2016.