Astronomy for the Kids

[title type=”modern-h2″ align=”center”]Astronomy for Kids[/title]

Welcome to the kids section. I was ten years old when I first got interested in astronomy. My Dad took me to my local astronomy club and I saw Saturn through one of their telescopes. It got me totally hooked and I have loved all things space ever since. If you are a youngster that loves space just like I was then this is the place for you.  I’ll be adding much more to this site in the next few weeks so check back again soon.

child is dressed in an astronaut costume

If you have a question about space that Mum and Dad are not able to answer then you can send them to me here. I will do my best to answer them within two weeks but sometimes I get a lot of emails so may be a bit slow sometimes. Do not worry I will get round to your email, I might even put it on my website for all your friends to see.